Al's Adventures in Wasteland



Raffaele Sargenti. A native of Perugia (Italy), he has worked with music and musical theatre particularly for children and young people. His compositions have received diverse recognition both nationally and internationally. He has written chamber music, symphonies, choral works, sacred songs, music for adverts and short films. He is published by Ricordi, Carish, Modulabel, Miraloop, Sconfinarte.
His opera Lupus in Fabula (Ricordi 2010, As. Li. Co. production) for small orchestra, children and young people, won the competition ‘Opera Junior’ and has been performed on tour in over 100 venues in Italy, as well as between 2011-2012 it was also performed in Belgium (Liege, Opera Royal de Wallonie), Spain (Madrid, TeatroReal) and France (Rouen, Opera de Haute Normandie). Other works: In cosa ti somiglio (Teatro Cucinelli Perugia, 2014), Magma/4 Volcanoes (Zucchelli Prize, Bologna 2016), La stessa barca, chamber opera (Biennale di Venezia, 2017), Turandot.com (Festival delle Nazioni, 2019).




Carol A. Russell was born and educated in Leeds (UK) and graduated from London University, in Drama and Education. She has worked extensively in schools and also in 1987 she founded Youth CREATE, which she directed for 19 years.
She has directed, choreographed, written, co‐written and created multiple arts projects involving children and young people from age 4-­18 years; these have included original works for The Henry Moore Foundation, Herts Constabulary, Westminster Abbey, English Heritage and Sawbridgeworth Community Projects. She has been the individual winner of The Herts High Sherriff Award, The Jack Petchey Award and The Paul Harris Fellow Award for ‘tangible and significant assistance given for the furtherance of better understanding and friendly relations among peoples of the world’.


Luigi Mastandrea. Living in Bologna (Italy), his activities cover comprehensive audiovisual installations, productions of electronic music which have been carried out throughout Europe and America. He has designed sound tracks for short films, documentaries, and television adverts. He has received both national and international recognition. He has been the promoter of numerous divergent initiatives of electronic music in Italy.


Michele Francipane. Cultured literature, puzzles and crossword, name days, human science (philosophy, didactics and pedagogy) and psychology.
He has invented games and toys, his Giocabolario is also in Braille, much valued out of Italy too. He has written for L’Educatore, Focus, II Sole 24 Ore, La Repubblica, Clarus, Disney magazines (Topolino, GM) and other reports.
Among his books: Ludogrammi o le parole giocose (preface by Bruno Munari), Il Somario, L’avventura del calendario, Io cruciverbo… e tu?, Dizionario degli aneddoti, Dizionario ragionato dei nomi, Dizionario ragionato dei cognomi, Dizionario ragionato dei Santi.

Special thanks to: Angela, Cinzia, Filippo, Gabriella, Graziella, Riccardo, Vittorio.